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Jacob Louis Fox
Jacob Fox
American, 1856 - 1936
Biography: Jacob Louis Fox was vice-president of G. Fox & Co. in Hartford, Connecticut during the 1920s. He was born in Ellsworth, Maine, on 26 March 1856, the son of Mary and Lewis [Louis] Fox (b. ca. 1815). His uncle, Gerson Fox (1811-1880), was the founder of G. Fox & Co. in Hartford. At the age of twenty, Jacob went to work at G. Fox & Co. He began as a clerk, and later advanced to buyer. The store prospered and expanded, and in 1890, Jacob Fox became a member of the firm. After fire destroyed the Fox store in 1917, a new eleven-story building replaced the old structure; the firm incorporated, and in 1920, Jacob Fox became vice-president. Jacob Fox married Miriam Stern (b. 1874)of Newburgh, New York. Miriam's sister, Theresa Stern, married Gerson's son (Jacob's cousin), Moses Fox (1850-1938). Thus, the first cousins were both business partners and in-laws. Jacob L. Fox was a president of Ararat Lodge, B'nai B'rith, a president of Judity Lodge, Free Sons of Israel, a trustee of Temple Beth Israel for fifteen years, a charter board member of Mt. Sinai Hospital, and a board member of the United Jewish Charities. He died in Hartford, Connecticut, on 23 February 1936. His wife, Miriam Stern Fox, died 23 March 1910.