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Gerson Fox
Gerson Fox
Gerson Fuchs
Gershon Fox
1811 - 1880
Biography: Gerson Fox was born Gerson Fuchs in Germany in 1811. He immigrated to the United States, moving from New York City to Hartford, Connecticut, in the 1840s. He established a small dry goods business; G. Fox & Co., that ultimately developed into Hartford's dominant retail establishment, and one of the largest retail operations in the region. Gerson Fox married Hannah Bamberger Fox (1814-1875). Hannah and Gerson Fox had five children, Leopold Fox (1848-1900), Moses Fox (1850-1938), Anna Fox (1853-[1856?]), Emma Fox (1855-1955), and Isaac Fox (1858-1937). Gerson Fox died August 22, 1880.