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Beatrice Fox
Mrs. George Auerbach
Hannah Fox
Beatrice Fox
Mrs. Beatrice Auerbach
Beatrice Fox Auerbach
American, 1887 - 1968
Biography: Beatrice Fox was born in Hartford, Connecticut, on 7 July 1887. She was the daughter of Theresa Stern Fox and Moses Fox (1850-1938). Beatrice Fox married George S. Auerbach (1885-1927) in 1911; they had two daughters, Georgette Auerbach Koopman (1916-2004) and Dorothy Auerbach Schiro (1919-1998). Upon her husband's death in 1927, Beatrice Fox Auerbach became the manager and vice president of G. Fox and Company, the firm started by her grandfather, Gerson Fox (1811-1880), in 1847. At the time of her father's death in 1938, Beatrice Fox Auerbach became president of G. Fox and Company. In 1941 Beatrice Fox Auerbach established a foundation which helped finance educational and civic activities. An important beneficiary of the Auerbach Foundation was the Service Bureau for Women's Organization, founded in 1945. The Service Bureau became a center of local concern about international affairs and served as the host organization for the State Department's foreign visitor program. Beatrice Fox Auerbach was an astute business woman and strong civic and cultural leader. She had a lasting impact on the Greater Hartford Community included civil rights, women's issues, education, hospitals, and the arts. Beatrice Fox Auerbach died on 29 November 1968.