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Huldah Foote
Huldah Foote
Mrs. Amaziah Brainard
Mrs. Huldah Brainard
Huldah Foote Brainard
American, 1791 - 1881
Biography: Huldah Foote was born in Colchester, Connecticut on December 4, 1791. She was the daughter of Nathaniel Foote (1742-1829) and his third wife Abigail (Foote) Foote. Huldah taught school for many seasons, including one summer when she taught at Cold Spring, Long Island. (She bought a pair of shoes now in the collection of CHS.) Huldah married Amaziah Brainard, (1780-1841), also of Colchester, on March 29, 1824. They lived in Colchester, Westchester Society, Connecticut, and worked a farm on the site where his grandfather built when he settled in the Southwest district, Westchester Society (now Colchester). Amaziah taught school for several seasons, and he was acting justice of the peace from 1828-1835, and in 1839. He was a representative in the town legislature in 1829 and 1830. He died in 1841. Hulda Foote Brainard died on August 9, 1881. They had three children, including Leverett Brainard (born 1828) who married Mary Jerusha Bulkeley of Hartford (one of their daughters, Mary Brainard married Charles Cheney of Manchester, Connecticut); and twins born in 1832, Albert (died unmarried); and Lucy Abigail Brainard (died unmarried) who compiled the Brainard/erd genealogy.