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Elite Works

French, about 1875-1920
Biography: The Bawo & Dotter company was set up in the 1860s in New York City. They imported china, mostly French Limoges porcelain, for the American market. Bawo & Dotter set up its own decorating studio in Limoges, France during the 1870s, which was named The Elite Works. Those pieces have the double mark of B&D and Elite. They began manufacturing their own porcelain by 1896 – up to that point they had just purchased the plain blanks from other companies and decorated them, to sell in the United States. Around 1915-1925, the company purchased the William Guérin firm, and the name became Guérin-Pouyat-Elite, Ltd. (Guérin had already bought out the Jean Pouyat company.) The company as Guérin-Pouyat-Elite, Ltd closed in 1932.