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Eli & Samuel Terry
Eli Terry
Samuel Terry
American, 1824 - 1827
Eli Terry
Biography: The brothers Eli (1772-1852) and Samuel (1774-1853) partnered as Eli & Samuel Terry in Plymouth, Connecticut from 1824 to 1827. Eli Terry apprenticed in East Windsor, Connecticut with Daniel Burnap. He later opened his own shop in that city, before relocating to Plymouth, Connecticut. In 1823, Eli Terry formed the firm Eli Terry & Sons with his sones Eli Jr. (1799-1841) and Henry (1801-1877). The firm continued until 1833, when Eli Terry retired from active clock manufacturing. Samuel Terry was the brother of Eli Terry (1772-1852). He made clocks and saddles in East Hartford, Connecticut, from 1797 to 1818. In 1818, he moved to Plymouth, Connecticut and began making wooden movements and clock parts for his brother's firm, E. Terry & Sons, and others. Between 1824 and 1827, Eli and Samuel Terry worked together as Eli & Samuel Terry in Plymouth. Samuel Terry's sons, R. E. and J. B. Terry also worked with him. In 1829, Samuel Terry moved to Bristol, Connecticut and continued as a successful clock maker. He died 4 May 1853.