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E. G. Webster & Son
Elizur Webster
Fred Webster
Elizur G. Webster
Biography: In 1859, Elizur G. Webster (1829-1900) and his brother, A. A. Webster, bought Henry L. Webster's store. In the early 1860s, they started a small manufacturing business in Brooklyn called Webster Mfg. Co. Their main product was silverplated hollowware. The firm name became E. G. Webster & Bros. in 1873. When A. A. Webster retired in 1886, Elizur Webster brought his son Fred H. Webster (d. 1941) into the business, which became known as E. G. Webster & Son. After Elizur Webster's death in 1900, Fred Webster continued the business. He sold it to the International Silver Company in 1928, at which time the business moved to Meriden, Connecticut.