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John Moore Kelso Davis II
Jack Davis
John Davis
John Davis II
American, 1908 - 2002
John Moore Kelso Davis
Biography: John Moore Kelso Davis II was born in Hartford, Connecticut on August 18, 1908. He was the oldest son of John Henry Kelso Davis (1875-1956) and Edith Hollister Brainard Davis (1882-1976). He had five siblings: Edith Brainard Davis; Leverett Brainard Davis; Frank Kelso Davis; Martha Kelso Davis (b. 1921); and Newton Brainard Davis. He was educated at the Kent School (1925), Yale University (B.A. 1929) and received an honorary LLB from Trinity College in 1972. John M.K. Davis II married Mignon Estabrook Foerderer at Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, on 20 May 1939. They had one daughter, Ethel Foerderer Davis, born 3 July 1947. John M. K. Davis died 28 November 2002.