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Ann Frances Darling
Ann Darling Ibbotson
Mrs. Henry Ibbotson
Ann Darling
Mrs. Ann Ibbotson
American, born 1811
Biography: Ann Frances Darling was born in New Haven, Connecticut on 12 February 1811, the daughter of Thomas Darling of New York and New Haven and Frances Frith. Frances was the daughter of Hezekiah Frith, Esq., a large shipowner and landowner in Bermuda. Ann Darling married Henry Ibbotson on 23 July 1833 in New Haven, Connecticut. They had a son named Henry William Ibbotson (14 July 1838-28 December 1921) who married Lucy Matilda Carey of Portland, Connecticut. Their daughter, Lucy Carey Ibbotson (14 February 1872-1924) married Alfred Gildersleeve (1872-1921) of Portland, Connecticut on 1 December 1896 at Trinity Episcopal Church in Portland. The Gildersleeves had three children: Marion Hall (b. 2 January 1898), Lucile Darling (b. 8 February 1902) (who is also known as Mrs. Irving A. Chapman), and Alfred Gildersleeve Jr. (17 June 1905-March 1981). The eldest daughter, Marion Hall Gildersleeve married G. William Blunt White, and they had a son named William Blunt White who married Margaret Shelton (Mrs. William Blunt White), who was married in Ann Darling's wedding dress. The White's had a daughter named Katherine S[helton] White who was also married on 8 September 1979 in Ann Darling's wedding dress. Note: at the time the shoes were donated to CHS in 1959, Ann Darling's wedding dress was also donated. It was deaccessioned in 1979, at the request of the family, who wanted Katherine White to be married in the dress.