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Minga Pope Duryea
Mrs. Robert Patchin
Minga Duryea Patchin
Minga Duryea
Mrs. Minga Patchin
American, 1868 - 1957
Biography: Minga Pope Duryea was an artist, sculptor, and author. Born in New York City, she studied painting in Paris and Rome. She married Robert H. Patchin, a vice president of W. R. Grace & Co. Her brother was John Russell Pope (d. 1937), an internationally known architect. Minga Duryea Patchin was known particularly for her portraits. During the early 1930s, she designed a series of ornamental plates on fine china. They bore historical scenes of New York and other American cities. Minga Duryea Patchin died in 1957 in Central Valley, New York. She was 89.