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Francis J. Duggan

Francis Duggan
Frank Dugan

American, 1865 - 1944
Biography: Francis J. Duggan (alternately spelled Dugan) was a twentieth-century art potter working at the Old Pot Shop in Norwalk, Connecticut. He was born 12 February 1865 in Norwalk, Connecticut. Duggan was employed as a potter at the Norwalk Pottery Company before 1891 (the company eventually turned into a sales organization selling pieces made by individual potters including Duggan), and in the 1890s, he was listed in directories as both a potter and optician. In 1907, he was listed in Norwalk directories as a Pottery Demonstrator. In 1921, he purchased land close to the Westport/Norwalk town line, and in 1922 his son Anthony was listed as a potter at the same address. In 1923, he was operating under the name of the Dugan Art Pottery, and in 1928 he listed his business as F.J. Dugan & Son, Art Pottery. In 1931, he adopted "The Old Pot Shop" as a legal trade name (although he may have used the name earlier). Francis J. Duggan and his son Anthony continued in business together until 1936, when Anthony moved to New York City. Dugan continued the business through World War II until his death on 19 June 1944 in Westport, Connecticut, although he may have ceased production as early as 1940. In 1945 and 1946 The Old Pot Shop remained in operation, run by Francis's son Rockwell, probably to sell off accumulated inventory. Subsequently, the name "Old Pot Shop" was sold to Caroline Kinney, an antique dealer. Dates of production for ceramics marked with the "Old Pot Shop / Norwalk / CT" are about 1930-1940.