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Sally Doolittle
Sally Doolittle
Mrs. Sally Thorp
Mrs. Asa Thorp
Sally Thorp
American, born 1806
Biography: According to sampler 1950.385.0, Sally Doolittle of Wallingford, Connecticut, was born 30 December 1806. She learned needlework from Ruth Eliza Tuttle. According to the Doolittle Family in America (p. 405-6), Sally Doolittle was the oldest child of Luther Doolittle (b. 1783) and his first of three wives, Mary Ives (d. 1815, 33 years). Luther Doolittle was a wagon manufacturer and blacksmith from Wallingford, who moved to Randolph, Portage County, Ohio in 1836. According to Barbour's North Haven Vital Records, Sally Doolittle married Asa Thorp of North Haven in 1823; Thorp is the son of Asa and Lydia Thorp. In the 1850 census, Asa Thorp, his wife Sally, and children Harry, Sarah and Ellen, are listed in Randolph, Portage County, Ohio; they moved to Ohio at about the same time as her father. Luther Doolittle's second wife was Eunice Thorp (1796-1826); she was the older sister of Asa Thorp, who married Luther's daughter Sally Doolittle. Luther Doolittle's third wife was Eunice Brockett. All three of his wives are buried at Wallingford.