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Elisabeth Daggett
Betsey Daggett
Mrs. Elisabeth Hooker
Elisabeth Daggett
Mrs. Edward Hooker
Elisabeth Daggett Hooker
American, 1786 - 1869
Biography: Elisabeth Daggett was born 5 July 1786 in New Haven, Connecticut. She was the ninth child of Elisabeth Prescott Daggett (1752-1813) and Henry Daggett (1741-1830). Six of the other Daggett children died in infancy. Elisabeth Daggett grew up in New Haven. On 24 May 1812, she married Edward Hooker, Esq. (1785-1846) in New Haven. They had five children, two of whom died at childbirth. A son, John (1816-1901), became a lawyer and married Isabella Holmes Beecher, (sister of Harriet Beecher Stowe). Elisabeth Daggett Hooker lived with her son John in the Nook Farm community of Hartford, Connecticut, and died there on 2 August 1869.