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Henry Champion Deming
Henry Deming
American, 1815 - 1872
Biography: Henry Champion Deming was born 23 May 1815 in Colchester, Connecticut. He was the son of Abigail Champion Deming and General David Deming. He graduated from Harvard Law School in 1839, opening an office in New York, but also spending time editing a literary magazine. Henry Deming moved to Hartford, Connecticut, in 1847 and opened a law office. In 1850, he married Sarah Clerc, daughter of Laurent Clerc; they had three sons. Sarah died in 1869, and in June 1871, Henry Deming married Mrs. Annie Putnam Jillson, the great granddaughter of General Israel Putnam. Henry Deming was a member of the Connecticut State House of Representatives in 1849-1850, and again in 1859-1860. He was Mayor of Hartford from 1854-1858, and again from 1860-1862. Late in 1861, he was appointed Colonel of the 12th Connecticut Volunteers and accompanied General Butler's expedition to New Orleans. After the capture of New Orleans, he served as mayor until January 1863, when he resigned his position. In the spring of 1863, Henry Deming was elected to the United States Congress, representing the First District of Connecticut for the next four years. In 1869, he was appointed at Collector of Internal Revenue by the President; he held this position until his death. Henry Champion Deming died in his home in Hartford, Connecticut, on 9 October 1872.