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Fanny Maria Case
Fanny Case
Mrs. Fanny Brown
Fannie Case
Mrs. John Brown
Fanny Case Brown
American, 1819 - 1843
Biography: Fanny Maria Case was born in March 1819 in Canton Center, Connecticut. She was the daughter of Almira Woodruff Case (1789-1831) and Norman Case (1793-1865) of Canton, Connecticut. Fanny Case had five siblings: Henry Woodruff (1817-1824); Albert Allen (b. 1821); Laura Lucinda (b. 1824); Henry Woodruff (b. 1827); and George Emmet (b. 1829). Fanny Case married a farmer, John Brown (1812-1886) of Canton, on 20 March 1838; they had no children. She died on 12 February 1843.