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Mary Elizabeth Carter
Mrs. George Brinley
Mary Carter
Mary Carter Brinley
Mrs. Mary Brinley
American, 1842 - 1935
Biography: Mary Elizabeth Carter was the daughter of H. K. and Henrietta Whitlock Carter. She married George Putnam Brinley (1842-1892) of Newington Connecticut, on 21 October 1871 in Harlem, Illinois. They had eight children: George (b. 1872); Henry (b. 1874, lived one day); John Henry Whitlock (b. 1875); Frances Ellen (b. 1877); Godfrey (b. 1878); Mary Elizabeth (1881-1882); Henrietta Whitlock (b. 1882); and Edward Charles (b. 1887). Mary Elizabeth Carter Brinley died in Newington, Connecticut, in 1935.