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Caroline Curtis
Mrs. William Jillson
Caroline Curtis Jillson
Mrs. Caroline Jillson
Caroline Curtis
American, 1808 - 1862
Biography: Caroline Curtis was born 4 January 1808, to unknown parents. According to CHS Museum records, she is said to have been the daughter of Marvin Curtis of Coventry. (Records show a Marvin Curtis of Coventry marrying a Hepsibah Bidwell of East Hartford; however, they were not married until 1815.) Caroline Curtis may be the daughter of Marvin Curtis (d. 1866, aged 77) and Hulda T. Curtis (d. 1864, aged 75) of South Coventry, Connecticut. Caroline Curtis married William Lawrence Jillson (1807-1861)on 26 December 1831. They lived in Willimantic and had eight children, two of whom are William Curtis Jillson and Caroline Louisa Jillson. Caroline Curtis Jillson died 16 August 1862.