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Rev. Harold H. Critchlow
H. Critchlow
Harold Critchlow
Rev. H. Critchlow
Rev. Harold Critchlow
American, 1865 - 1945
Biography: Rev. Harold Harry Critchlow (22 Feb. 1865 - 9 March 1945) was born in Butler, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Richard Dunmore Critchlow (1829-1916) and Susan Mackeral Critchlow (1832-1897). He married Jennie Homan Critchlow (1868-1948) on 19 June 1895. They had one adopted child: Warren H. Critchlow (1896-1965). Rev. Critchlow was educated at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania, Ohio Wesleyan University, and Boston University School of Theology. He was a Methodist preacher in New England and he was a member of the New England Southern Conference of the Methodist Church. He served as a pastor at the Burnside Methodist Church in East Hartford, Conn. around 1917-1918.