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Connecticut Cutlery Co.

American, 1866 - 1880
Biography: The Connecticut Cutlery Company was organized in 1866 by George A. Lewis, Bronson Tuttle, John H. Whittemore, L. D. Warner, Homer Twitchell and others. Warner and Twitchell were the manager and superintendant, respectively. The company operated in what had been the old plant of E. C. Tuttle on Fulling Mill brook. It operated for less than fifteen years, but it employed, at one time, 150 people and produced annually over $160,000 worth of pocket knives and tailor's shears, as well as hairpins, faucets, bill holders, and "elastic tires" for carriages. In 1869, the interest of L. B. Taylor of Chicopee, Massachusetts, was merged with the company, and Taylor became the manager. In 1877, the principal stockholders were Whittemore, Tuttle, Warner, and Lewis. The Connecticut Cutlery Company discontinued in about 1880, and the plant was occupied soon after by the Gifford Manufacturing Company.