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Samuel Colt
Dr. S. Coult
The Colonel
Samuel Colt
Sam Colt
Colonel Samuel Colt
American, 1814 - 1862
Biography: Samuel Colt was born in 1814 to Christopher Colt and Sarah Caldwell as the fifth of six children. He was the founder of the Colt Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company, and the creator of the Colt revolver. He married Elizabeth Hart Jarvis (1826-1905) on 5 June 1856. They made their home, Armsmear, in Hartford. The Colts had five children: Samuel Jarvis (1857), Caldwell Hart (1858-1894), Elizabeth Jarvis (1860), Henrietta Selden (1861-1862), and unnamed (1862 stillborn).Caldwell Hart Colt was the only child to survive infancy. Samuel Colt died from an illness in 1862.