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Governor Owen Vincent Coffin
O. Coffin
Governor Owen Coffin
American, 1836 - 1921
Biography: Owen Vincent Coffin was the 53rd governor of Connecticut. He was born in Union Vale, New York on 20 June 1856, the son of Alexander Coffin and Jane Vincent. He attended the Charlotteville Seminary in New York, taught school and then moved to New York City where he worked as a salesman and manufacturer's agent until 1864 when he moved to Middletown, Connecticut, the home of his wife, Ellen Elizabeth Coe whom he had married on 24 June 1858. They had two children, Jennie Elizabeth Coffin (1861-1870) and Seward Vincent Coffin (24 September 1867-31 October 1949) He was secretary-treasurer and director of the Farmers and Mechanics' Savings Bank, from 1864-78 and he was a director and vice-president of the First National Bank of Middletown. Coffin was a member of the Connecticut Senate from 1887-1891and he also served as mayor of Middletown before being elected governor. He died on 3 June 1921.