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Honorable Chauncey Fitch Cleveland
Honorable Chauncey Cleveland
American, 1799 - 1887
Biography: Chauncey Fitch Cleveland was born in Hampton, Connecticut on 16 February 1799, the son of Silas Cleveland and Lois Sharpe Cleveland. On 13 December 1821, he married Diantha Hovey. She died on 29 October 1867. He then married Helen Cornelia Litchfield of Woodstock, Connecticut on 29 January 1869 in Titusville, Pennsylvania . He studied law and was accepted to the Bar in 1819. From 1829 to 1835, he was Judge of Probate. He was a representative in the General Assembly many times and was Speaker of the House from 1835-1836 as well as 1863. Chauncey Cleveland became the First Connecticut Bank Commissioner in 1837. He was a member of the Electoral College and nominated for Presidential Elector in 1840 on Democratic Van Buren ticket. He opened a law firm in 1841 with James Albert Hovey. From 1842- 1844, he was Govoner of Connecticut. He was a member of the Peace Congress in Washington D.C from 4 February 1861 to 27 February 1861. Chauncey Fitch Cleveland died in Hampton, Connecticut on 6 June 1887, age 88.