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Horace B. Clark
Horace Clark
Horace Clark
American, 1875 - 1958
Horace Bushnell Clark
Biography: Horace Bushnell Clark was born on 22 June 1875. He grew up in Hartford, and lived and worked there for much of his life. He married Mabel Harlakenden Perkins. He worked his way up through the ranks of the Hartford Courant as a reporter, then the state news editor, assistant city editor, and finally becoming secretary from 1914-1941. He devoted much of his spare time to following the Hartford Fire Department. He was named to the Fire Board in 1907, became its president from 1909 to 1919, and then served intermittently from 1926-1938. When he lived in Hartford, his house was rigged with a fire alarm that was connected to the department's alarm. When the alarm went off, he would pull on his rubber boots and his coat, and rush to the scene. He often carried a camera and took pictures. He helped found the Lost Acres Fire Department in East Hartland. [incomplete]