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William Cowell Sr.
William Cowell Sr.
American, 1682 - 1736
William Cowell
Biography: William Cowell was a silversmith born 25 January 1682. He was the son of Hannah and John Cowell, and his father was a blacksmith. William Cowell may have apprenticed with Jeremiah Dummer. In 1706, he married Elizabeth Kilby; they had at least one son, William Cowell, Jr., who finished his apprenticeship in 1734. After his son finished his apprenticeship, William Cowell is believed to have retired. He held public office, and he later kept an inn; he was recorded as an "innholder" when he died in 1736. Both William Cowell and his son appear to have used the same maker's mark: "W. COWELL" in a cartouche. But only William Cowell, Sr., used the shield-shaped mark of WC with a star above and mullet below and pellets at the top.