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Connecticut Central Railroad

Biography: The Connecticut Central Railroad operated in the 1980s and 1990s in and around the Middletown, Connecticut area. The firm was organized by several local people concerned over the abandonment of local freight service by Conrail. Utilizing second-hand equipment, the CCRR provided local freight service on portions of the old Air Line and Connecticut Valley Railroad routes, both ex-New Haven lines. Among the customers were the Mattabassett District sewage treatment plant, various manufacturers in Portland, and possibly the Pratt & Whitney jet engine plant. With Conrail's dissolution in the late 1990s, the Providence & Worcester Railroad took over the Connecticut Central Railroad's operations and is currently extending operations up the former Connecticut Valley Railroad line to Hartford. It should be noted that around 1870, a Connecticut Central Railroad was organized and ran a line from Springfield, Massachusetts to East Hartford, Connecticut, in competition with the New Haven line on the same route. There is no connection, other than a common name, between the two railroads.