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Hannah Comstock
Hannah Comstock
Hannah Comstock Boalt
Mrs. Ebenezer Boalt
Mrs. Hannah Boalt
American, 1793 - 1857
Biography: Hannah Comstock was born 27 April 1793 in Norwalk, Connecticut. She was the daughter of Thomas Comstock (1747-1812) and his second wife Phebe Selleck (1776-1831) both of Silver Mine, New Canaan, Connecticut. Hannah Comstack married Eben Bault and they moved to Ohio. Eben Bault was a farmer. She died 12 February 1857. According to published genealogies of the Comstock family, "when Norwalk was burned in the Revolution by General Tryon, Thomas Comstock received and aided the sufferers. Connecticut granted him 2,000 acres of 'Fire Lands,' where Norwalk, Ohio, now stands."