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Seth Howard Clark
Seth Clark
American, 1814 - 1888
Biography: Seth Howard Clark was born in Hartford, Connecticut on 27 April 1814, the son of Captain Samuel Clark and Mary Buckland Clark. From 1838 until his death, he was a member of South Congregational Church in Hartford, Connecticut. On 3 September 1844, he married his first wife, Elizabeth S. Seymour. She died in 1864. He then married Harmony E. Hamilton in 1868. He had one son, Frederick S. Clark of New Haven, Connecticut. Seth Clark worked as a wood engraver and illustrated Peter Parley's "Geography," Comstock's "Philosophy," and Sceava's "Hartford," as well as hardware catalouges for P. & F. Corbin company of New Britain and Mallory Wheeler & Co. of New Haven. Seth Howard Clark died in Hartford, Connecticut on 3 April 1888.