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Electa Churchill
Mrs. Henry Seymour
Electa Churchill
Mrs. Electa Seymour
Electa Churchill Seymour
American, 1818 - 1873
Biography: Electa Churchill was born on 5 April 1818 in New Hartford, Connecticut. Her parents were John Churchill (1785-1823) and Laura Welles (1789-1877). She had four siblings: Laura (1812-1892); John (1814-1887); Absalom Welles (1820-1875); and Charles (1822-1891). Electa Churchill married Henry Albert Seymour (1818-1897) on 28 July 1844 in Bristol. They lived in New Hartford until 1846, when they moved to Bristol. They had at least eight children including George Dudley Seymour (1859-1945). Electa Churchill Seymour died on 10 December 1873. According to The Churchill Family in America, "Electa Churchill is described as having a brilliant complexion, dark blue eyes, and very dark brown hair. She was vivacious and witty in conversation, a loyal, hospitable, and gracious woman, greatly beloved by her own family circle and neighbors."