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Clarissa Cheney
Mrs. Clarissa Pitkin
Mrs. Joseph Pitkin
Clarissa Cheney Pitkin
Clarissa Cheney
American, 1774 - 1850
Biography: Clarissa Cheney was born 5 July 1774, the daughter of Timothy Cheney (1731-1795) and Mary Olcott Cheney (1738-1786), his first wife. She married Joseph Pitkin on 20 December 1795. They had seven children: Hannah (b. 1796) (Mrs. George C. Skinner); Elisha (1799-1821); Clarissa (b. 1802) (Mrs. Frederic Woodbridge); Seth Lord (1804-1855); Nelson (b. 1806); Elizabeth (b. 1810) (Mrs. Austin C. Penfield); and Mary (b. 1814) (Mrs. Joel B. Penfield). Clarissa Cheney Pitkin died 28 July 1850.