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Barbour Silver Co.
Samuel Barbour
American, founded 1892
Samuel L. Barbour
Biography: Samuel L. Barbour (1865-1925), Isaac J. Steane, and J. L. Dalgleish organized the Barbour Silver Co. in 1892, taking over from I. J. Steane & Co., Barbour Hobson Co., and Barbour Bros. Co. In 1893, they took over some of the machinery and stock of the Hartford Silver Plate Co., and they are believed to have carried on for a short time under the name of Hartford Silver Co. By the time The International Silver Company was formed in 1898, Samuel L. Barbour had already been the active head of the Barbour Silver Co. for several years. When they became part of International Silver, Barbour was made a director of the new company. He remained there for many years, even after the plant moved to Meriden, Connecticut.