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Hannah Bamberger
Hannah Bamberger Fox
Mrs. Hannah Fox
Mrs. Gerson Fox
Hannah Bamberger
1814 - 1875
Biography: Hannah Bamberger was born in 1814, possibly in Hartford, Connecticut. She married Gerson Fox, who was born Gerson Fuchs in Germany. He immigrated to the United States, moving from New York City to Hartford, Connecticut, in the 1840s. Gerson Fox established a small dry goods business; G. Fox & Co. ultimately developed into Hartford's dominant retail establishment, and one of the largest retail operations in the region. Hannah and Gerson Fox had five children, Leopold Fox (1848-1900), Moses Fox (1850-1938), Anna Fox (1853-[1856?]), Emma Fox (1855-1955), Isaac Fox (1858-1937). Hannah Bamberger Fox died in 1875.