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Abigail Ball
Abigail Ball Parsons
Mrs. Moses Parsons
Abigail Ball
Mrs. Abigail Parsons
Anglo-American, 1682 - 1760
Biography: Abigail Ball was born 18 July 1683 in Springfield, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of Mary Graves Ball (d. 1727) and Samuel Ball (1648-1689). After Samuel Ball died, Mary Graves Ball married Benjamin Stebbins (d. 1698) in 1690. Benjamin Stebbins died in 1698; Abigail's mother married a third time, to James Warriner, on 29 December 1704. Abigail Ball was raised in Springfield, and perhaps for a time in West Springfield, Massachusetts. On 20 January 1710, she married Moses Parsons (1688-1754) in Springfield, Massachusetts. They apparently moved to Durham, Connecticut, soon after their marriage, because the first of their six children, Moses Parsons, Jr., was born in Durham on 19 October 1710. Abigail and Moses Parsons spent the rest of their lives in Durham. Abigail Ball Parsons died 4 December 1760 in Durham, Connecticut, where she and her husband are buried.