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Margaret Brockway
Mrs. Frederick Tourtellotte
Margaret Brockway Tourtellotte
Margaret Brockway
Mrs. Margaret Tourtellotte
American, born 1889
Biography: Margaret Brockway was born in Wisconsin in May of 1889, the daughter of Georgianna M. Smith Brockway (b. 1861) and Williams Stevens Brockway. She had at least one brother, Edward Henry Brockway. In 1910, Margaret Brockway and her family were living in West Hartford, Connecticut. On 15 May 1916, she married Frederick Judson Tourtellottte at her parents' home, Webster Hill, in West Hartford. The couple do not appear to have had children. In 1930, Margaret Brockway Tourtellotte was living in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, where she may have lived for the remainder of her life. She died before 1978.