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Clarissa Bosworth
Mrs. Clarissa Dorsett
Mrs. Artemas Perrin
Clarissa Dorsett Perrin
Mrs. Clarissa Perrin
Clarissa Bosworth
Clarissa Dorsett
Mrs. Joseph Dorsett
American, 1810 - 1910
Biography: Clarissa Bosworth was born on 4 or 5 June 1810 in Eastford Connecticut, the daughter of Allen Bosworth. On 28 November 1833, she married Major Joseph Dorset Jr. of Ashford, Connecticut. They probably had one son, Benjamin Bosworth Dorset, born 23 August 1834. On 12 September 1877 she married Artemas Perrin (1803-1878); Perrin was born in Ashford, Connecticut but in 1831 he purchased land in Stockton, New York. In 1862 he rented this farm and brought a home in Fredonia, New York where he died.