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Sarah Boardman
Sarah Boardman Robbins
Mrs. Sarah Wright
Sarah Boardman Wright
Sarah Boardman
Mrs. Sarah Robbins
Mrs. Crafts Wright
Mrs. John Robbins
American, 1730 - 1784
Biography: Sarah Boardman was born 4 February 1730 or 1731. She was the daughter of Joseph Boardman (1695-1771) and Mary Belden Boardman (1704-1769), both members of established Wethersfield, Connecticut families. On 24 November 1748, Sarah Boardman married Crafts Wright (d. 1766), a Wethersfield sea captain who had well established business and social relations in Europe, in such cities as Geneva, Marseilles, and Leghorn. They had six children, the oldest being John Wright (1749-1786). After Crafts Wright died, Sarah Boardman Wright married again on 10 January 1770, to Captain John Robbins (1716-1798), said to be one of the wealthiest men in Connecticut. She was the second of his three wives. Sarah Boardman Wright Robbins died 10 February 1784.