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Boardman and Company
Thomas Boardman

American, 1825 - 1827
Thomas Danforth Boardman
Biography: Thomas Danforth Boardman (1784-1873) and Sherman Boardman (1787-1861) were the sons of Sarah Danforth Boardman and Oliver Boardman, and the great grandsons of the "patriarch of Connecticut pewter", Thomas Danforth of Norwich. Both men were born in Litchfield, Connecticut, but the family moved to Hartford in 1795. Thomas D. Boardman finished his pewter apprenticeship in 1804 and began working in Hartford; Sherman joined him a few years later, and together, they worked for almost fifty years on Main Street, Hartford. In 1822, the brothers opened a branch in New York; a third brother, Timothy, was put in charge, and the name T. B. & Co. was put in use. When Timothy died two years later, the name changed to Boardman and Company. Lucius Hart of Rocky Hill, whose step mother was a Boardman, became active manager, and in 1827, he became a partner. The firm continued as Boardman and Hart until its dissolution in 1850. The Boardman's opened a second branch store in Philadelphia in 1844, under the name Boardman and Hall; the local representatives there were Sherman Boardman's son, Henry S. Boardman, and F. D. Hall. The name was later changed to Hall, Boardman and Company, and finally to Hall and Boardman. That final name was still listed in the Philadelphia Directory when Thomas Danforth Boardman and Sherman Boardman closed their business in Hartford in 1854. Sherman Boardman died 20 March 1861, and Thomas Boardman died 10 September 1873. Working Dates for Boardman and Company: 1825-1827.