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Boardman & Wells
Chauncey Boardman
Col. Joseph Wells
American, 1832 - 1843
Chauncey Boardman
Biography: Chauncy Boardman (1789-1857) and Colonel Joseph A. Wells were in business together as Boardman & Wells from 1832 to 1843. Boardman and Wells was one of the largest manufacturers of the period, operating as many as four factories at one time. In 1844, this firm split up, with Boardman and Wells each continuing to make clocks under his own name. Chauncey Boardman was a prominent clockmaker in Bristol, Connecticut, from about 1810 to 1850. He started in business with Butler Dunbar making wood hang up movements, but in 1812, Boardman bought out his partner and continued in business alone. In 1832, Chauncey Boardman formed Boardman, Smith & Co. with Samuel B. Smith. From 1832 to 1843, he was in business with Colonel Joseph A. Wells as Boardman and Wells. After the firm split up in 1844, Chauncey Boardman continued as a clockmaker under his own name until his death in 1857.