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Boardman & Hart
Sherman Boardman

Timothy Boardman
Lucius Hart
American, 1828 - 1847
Biography: Boardman & Hart are the New York City retail offices of the Thomas Danforth and Sherman Boardman firm of Hartford, Connecticut. In 1822, the Boardmans sent their younger brother Timothy Boardman to open retail offices in New York to sell stock produced in Hartford. Timothy Boardman died two years later, and the name of the subsidiary changed to Boardman and Company, with Lucius Hart as manager. In 1828, Lucius Hart was made a partner, and the name of the retail operation changed again to Boardman & Co. The partnership was dissolved in 1847. Boardman & Hart may have done manufacuring in New York in the later years of the partnership, however, there is no conclusive evidence that the pewter they sold was manufactured anywhere other than Hartford.