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William Blodget
William Blodgett
Major William Blodget
William Blodget
American, 1754 - 1809
Biography: Major William Blodgett was born in Stonington, Connecticut on 8 June 1754, the son of Doctor Benjamin Blodgett and his first wife, Mary Slatterlee Blodgett. On 11 December 1774, he married Ann Phillis Chace of Providence, Rhode Island. They had two sons. During the Revolutionary War, he served as General Nathaniel Greene's aid from 1776 to 1779. After his Revolutionary service, he served as the chaplain on the Frigate "Deane," from 1779 to 1786. In 1789, he petitioned Congress for war renumerations. In 1786, after serving on the "Deane," Major Blodgett became the proprieter of an iron forge in Bennington, Vermont. He then became a mapmaker, mapping first Vermont in 1789, then a map of Connecticut in 1792. The map of Connecticut was reissued in March and April of 1792. Major William Blodgett died in Hartford, Connecticut on 10 October 1809, at the age of 57.