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Tabitha Billing
Tabitha Billing
Mrs. Ichabod Stoddard
Tabitha Billings
Tabatha Billings
Tabitha Stoddard
Tabatha Stoddar
American, 1742 - 1824
Biography: Tabatha (or Tabitha) Billings was born on 30 March 1742, possibly in Preston, the daughter of Increase Billings (1696-1777) and Hannah Hewitt (d. 1748). She married married Ichabod Stoddard (1741-1825) on 10 May 1767, ceremony performed by Jacob Johnson, elder. They lived in Groton, Connecticut for several years. They had several children: Ichabod (b. 1767); Tabitha Stoddard Avery (1769-1853); Asa (1771-1859); Hannah (b. 1773); Cephas (also seen as Josephas) (1775-1778); Stanford (b.1778); Sophia (1780-1780); Polly (also seen as Mary) (b. 1782); Cephas (b. 1784); Seth (b. 1787). Tabatha died on 17 October 1824, and is buried in Robert Stoddard Cemetery, Gales Ferry, New London County, Connecticut.