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Mary Hosmer Bidwell
Mary Bidwell
Mary Bidwell Brainard
Mrs. Mary Brainard
Mrs. Henry Brainard
Anglo-American, 1752 - 1839
Biography: Mary Hosmer Bidwell was born 9 February 1752 in Hartford, Connecticut. She was the daughter of Mary Norton Bidwell (1730-1761) and James Bidwell (1716-1782). Mary Bidwell married Henry Brainard, a farmer. Henry Brainard was a mariner in his early years, making voyages along the Atlantic coast and to the West Indies. Henry and Mary moved several times: from Haddam to New Preston to Washington, in Litchfield County, and then on the New Connecticut, Ohio in 1801 or 1802. Mary and Henry Brainard had eleven children: George (baptised 1776, died in infancy); George; Levius (baptised 1779); Linus (b. 1779); Solomon (b. 1781 or 1782); John (b. 1784); Mary Bidwell (b. 1786); Anna (Mrs. James Doud) (b. 1789); Roxy Anna (b. 1791); Ira (b. 1793); and Henry (b. 1794). Mary Bidwell Brainard died 1 March 1839.