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Elizabeth Belden
Mrs. Daniel Buck
Mrs. Elizabeth Buck
Elizabeth Belden Buck
Elizabeth Belden
American, 1783 - 1887
Biography: Elizabeth Belden was born 10 January 1783, the daughter of Ezekiel Porter Belden of Wethersfield. She married Daniel Buck (1779-1860), as his second wife, on 30 January 1812. Elizabeth and Daniel Buck lived in a large house on Grove Street in Hartford, built by Silas and Barnabas Deane. When Daniel Buck died in 1860, Elizabeth returned to live with her widowed sister, Mary Porter Belden Cooke, in the Cooke house in Wethersfield, Connecticut. Elizabeth Belden Buck lived until 1887, dying on 3 May 1887, at age 103. She is buried in Poquonnock, Connecticut.