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Lucy Kirby Beckley
Lucy Beckley Beckley
Mrs. Lucy Beckley
Lucy Beckley
Mrs. Lotan Beckley
American, 1800 - 1876
Biography: Lucy Kirby Beckley was born on 28 or 29 August 1800 in Berlin, Connecticut. She was the daughter of Seth Beckley (1775-1802) and Huldah Richardson Beckley (d.1847) of Wethersfield, Connecticut. She married Lotan Beckley (1793-1848) on 16 October 1820 in Berlin, Connecticut; they had six children. In the early 1830s, they moved to Ohio with their son, Ammi Deming Beckley, who was born on 26 June 1826 in Berlin, Connecticut. Lucy Kirby Beckley died in Huntington, Ohio, on 18 February 1876.