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John Adam Beckley
John Beckley
American, 1808 - 1874
Biography: John Adam Beckley was born in Hudson, New York, on 2 September 1808. He was the son of Samuel Beckley and Sarah Adam Beckley, and worked as an iron manufacturer in Canaan, Connecticut, and North Adams, Massachussets. He married Sarah Delia Monson (1815-1850), daughter of Joshua Monson and Eunice Alling Monson, on 4 May 1836, in Canaan, Connecticut. They had four children. Sarah Delia Monson Beckley died on 17 September 1850 in Caanan, Connecticut. He married Adeline Bates Simmons, daughter of Bennet Simmons and Annice Morgan Simmons, on 3 November 1858. They had no children. John Adam Beckley died in Chatham, New York, on 14 June 1874. His second wife died in New Hartford, Connecticut, on 24 November 1896.