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Roy Donald Bassette Sr.
Roy Bassette Sr.
American, 1883-1965
Roy Donald Bassette
Biography: Roy Donald Bassette Sr. was born on 10 January 1883, in New Britain, Connecticut. He was the son of Frederick H. Bassette and Margaret Anderson Bassette. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Architecture in 1908, did post graduate work in 1909, and then served on the University of Pennsylvania faculty as an instructor for four years. He practiced architecture in Springfield, Massachusetts, for a short period. Later, he teamed with H. Hilliard Smith in Hartford, Connecticut, to form the partnership Smith and Bassette. He designed many prominent buildings in the Hartford area. In 1916, he was a corporal of Troop B, Connecticut Militia Calvary, on the Mexican border. He married Eliabeth Fidelia Hubbard in West Hartford in December 1914. The couple had three sons: George H. Bassette; Roy D. Bassette Jr.; and John Bassette. Roy Bassette retired in 1954 and died in West Hartford on 18 May 1965. He is buried at Fairview Cemetary.