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Zedekiah Smith Barstow
Zedekiah Barstow
American, 1790 - 1873
Biography: A clergyman, Zedikiah Smith Barstow was born in Canterbury, Connecticut on 4 October 1790, son of John and Susannah Smith Barstow. He graduated from Yale in 1818 and then married Elizabeth Fay Blake of Westboro, Massachusetts in August of 1818. Barstow was the pastor of the Congregational Church in Keene, New Hampshire from 1 July 1818 to 1 July 1868, when he resigned after fifty years of service. He was in the New Hampshire Legislature and a chaplain of the same, in 1868 and 1869. He was a trustee of Dartmouth College for thiry-seven years. Zedikiah Smith Barstow died on 1 March 1873, at age 82. His wife, Elizabeth, died 15 September 1869, at age 77. They left four children.