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Rebecca G. Affachiner
Rebecca Affachiner
Becky Affachiner
American, 1884 - 1966
Biography: Rebecca "Becky" Affachiner was born in 1884, the daughter of Isaac and Fanny Affachiner, of Nezvizh, Poland. Isaac Affachiner emigrated to the United States and then sent for his family to join him in New York City in 1891. Rebecca was educated on the East Side of New York and participated in the Educational Alliance on East Broadway. She trained as a social worker in the New York School of Philanthropy and in 1907 became the first woman graduate of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. She was an active Zionist her whole life, and was present at the founding of Hadassah in 1912. She served as superintendent of the Columbia Religious and Industrial School for Jewish Girls and also founded teh Jewish Big Brother and Big Sister Movement in Manhattan. She served as a member of the Jewish Welfare Board in France during World War I, working with American Hebrew soldiers of the 77th Regiment in Le Mans, France. From 1920-1926, she served as Superintendent of United Jewish Charities in Hartford, and from 1923-1926, she served as Hartford Juvenile Commissioner. In 1934, Rebecca Affachiner emigrated to Jerusalem. For the next fourteen years, she was actively involved in the creation of Israel. She died in Jerusalem in 1966 and was buried in the hills near the city.