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Frances Caroline Adams
Frances Adams Chamberlain
Frances Adams
Mrs. Joshua Chamberlain
Mrs. Frances Chamberlain
American, 1825 - 1905
Biography: Frances Caroline Adams was born 12 August 1825 in Brunswick, Maine. She was the daughter of Ashur Adams and Emily or Emilia or Amelia Wyllys, daughter of Hezekiah Wyllys of Hartford and a direct descendant of the George Wyllys of Charter Oak fame. She married Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (1828-1914) in December 1855; they had at least one child, Grace Dupee Chamberlain (Mrs. Horace Gwynn Allen) (1856-1937). Joshua Chamberlain was the Governor of Maine, the President of Bowdoin College, and a surveyor of the port of Portland, Maine. During the battle of Gettysburg in July 1863, Joshua Chamberlain won the Congressional Medal of Honor for holding his position on Little Round Top in the face of a Confederate advance. Frances Adams Chamberlain died 18 October 1905 in Brunswick, Maine.