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Henry C. Arnold
Henry Arnold
Captain Henry Arnold
American, 1838 - 1911 or 12
Biography: Henry C. Arnold was born in 1838, and lived on Pratt Street in Essex, Connecticut. He attended a one room school house on Main Street, Essex, and then went on to Hill's Academy. At the age of seventeen he went to a post-graduate school in "Parmelee's Hall". He studied bookkeeping, algebra, arithmetic, and astronomy. The students produced a monthly newspaper, the Essex Select School Banner, and it may6 be here that Arnold got his first taste of journalism. Little is known about Henry Arnold beyond the fact that his title "captain" appears to be derived from his yachting commands, the last of which was at the helm of PLEIADES, owned by Fred Plum of Troy, New York. Plum was a former classmate of Arnold's from Hill's Academy. Captain Arnold is also remembered for some newspaper columns of "reminiscences" that he wrote for the HARTFORD TIMES. His scrapbook, now in the library at the Connecticut River Museum, contains articles that may be attributed to him from THE SAYBROOK MIRROR (1850-56) or the ESSEX Gazette (1880-82).