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Armstrong & Wentworth

American, 1814 - 1834
Biography: Peleg Armstrong was born 14 April 1785 in Norwich, Connecticut. Erastus Wentworth was born 8 November 1788 in Norwich, and died 14 June 1873. Wentworth married Esther States, the daughter of the Stonington potter Adam States. Armstrong married Lucy Wentworth, Erastus Wentworth's sister. The partners purchased the pottery of William Cleveland on 2 May 1814. Armstrong and Wentworth was known for handsome jugs and jars, marked with the firm name. Indications are that the company first used the Tracy and Huntington pottery on Clinton Avenue in Norwich, but later built a factory on both sides of the Yantic River, where the main road to Willimantic crosses. The company closed in June 1834.